who is Karen Grosman?
A work in progress.

so you're an artist?
I believe I am.

is there an underlying concept to most of your work?
Power struggles and structures relating to society.

have you personally experienced any power struggles?
You do not know you are experiencing well ran power sources; you do not realize you are being controlled, so I would not know.

are you a full time artist?
Yes, it's my life.

how did you get started?
I feel like I have always been painting and drawing, I did not pick it up in the middle of my life.

do you use any other mediums?
Yeah, I also work in acrylic paint.

do you come from a creative family?
Yes my parents design/build homes.

did they have an impact on your creative work?
Not my work, but my attitude on my career.

what do you love about painting?
It relaxes me and keeps my brain busy even when I am not in the studio.

who do you paint for?

what's your process?
It changes according to the idea. I am almost always looking at something whether I make it or it is from a photograph. The manipulation process starts on the canvas.

is there anything or anyone that has had an influence on your work?
Francis Bacon, Michel Foucault, and Simone de Beauvoir.

are you originally from Toronto?
Yes, born and raised.

have you always been creative?
Yes, I was always drawing as a child.

what do you need?
A place to sleep, paint and brushes.

what do you want?
To enjoy life.

what do you love?
Family, Painting, Reading, Cooking and Eating.

what's the best advice you've gotten?
To choose a career that does not feel like work, something you want to do and can happily work insane hours at without feeling tired. I did that and I am very content.

if you could only paint one more piece what would it be?
That’s a scary concept, I cannot even conceive of that.

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